Ribeye Piece - 27,8oz


I just got my Anova Precision Cooker last week and started experimenting with different types of protein. At this time I have a Ribeye that has been "dismembered" I put some bacon sliced and glued with Activa GS.

Now the ribeye is rolled for cooking.

The meat is 15cm/5.9" long // 6.5cm/2.56" wide and 788g/27.8oz weight (I have attached two photos).

I was reading some recipes but I was unable to find something similar to what I have. This is not a Steak and not even a large piece of meat.

Any guest/tip/suggestion how to cook it medium rare?

This is basically a cylinder. Dr Baldwin indicates in his chart that it should be cooked for about 3 hours.
Medium rare for me is about 135-ish°F. If you keep it in a little longer don’t sweat it. I typically cook pork and turkey tenderloins right in the packaging they come in for 3 hours or longer at 145°F, without any problems. Bulletproof cooking.


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Thank you very much!!

Is Dr. Baldwin from a cook book? I would love to look it up!

Doug Baldwin. He’s written pioneering reference materials for SAFE Sous Vide cooking.

Here’s a link to his ‘A Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking


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Thanks so much! I will be sure to give it a read :slight_smile:

I learned the hard way if you are going to cook in the packaging they come in be sure and remove any paper stickers. I made quite a mess when I didn’t. The steak was perfect though.

So far I’ve had no trouble with stickers on packaging… Knock on turkey.