Safe to leave the ANOVA precision cooker powered on?

There have been other questions about the safety of leaving the precision cooker in water between cooking, but I wonder if it is safe to leave the unit powered on. I also have the older ANOVA sous vide immersion circulator and like its power off switch for the following reason. The precision cooker has a well made plug that stays firmly in the socket. I noticed that it is usually not possible to easily pull it out, a good safety feature. However, it also means that when I do unplug it, the display sometimes flashes on an off as the plug is being wiggled out. This is not a defect, just a side effect of the secure plug fit. I am concerned that this will eventually damage the unit. An easy fix is to put it on a power strip that I turn on and off, but a sealed power switch seems like a simple (and inexpensive modification) for the next model.

Has anyone else noticed this issue of intermittent power during unplugging? 

I haven’t. I was told by Anova that they prefer you to not leave in the water bath when not in use. I just unplug & set on top of the container lid.

I haven't noticed this. But then I turn it off before unplugging.

I do notice I have to turn it off a couple of times before it stays off but this is likely touchscreen jitter. Not properly debounced.

When I got my Anova I had it going most of the time for weeks I think.

For the summer I live in a little log cabin with no running water and the nearest grocery store is a 100 miles away. My biggest current use of my Anova is to heat water to wash my dishes etc. in. Strangely enough I have never seen my dishes come out so clean and shiny.

LOL Helen I love this! I wonder if anyone has thought about using their APC to warm bathwater to wash their babies?

I just found this great solution, it’s a lighted switch that you can just turn on and off without needing to unplug the unit constantly. Very compact!


Don’t you need one with holes for 3 prongs for the Anova power cord?

John, thanks for pointing this out! I was able to cancel my Amazon order and get the right one 


Belkin grounded switch.