save recipes from Anova culinary site

Is there any way to save recipes other than bookmarking the page? I see the question was asked 1 year ago with no answers. Really, nothing?

@goldenink do you mean saving the recipes from the site into the app?

Your question directed me to a solution. I see where I can make recipes favorites in the app. I was asking about working on my laptop, but the phone app is very acceptable. Thanks

Ahh gotcha! Awesome, glad you discovered the feature :slight_smile:

Hi sorry for the newbie question, but one you have favourited a recipe in the APP how do you get it back?


Once you’re in the app:

  1. Click “Recipes” at the bottom
  2. On the top click “Recipes v”
  3. Click on “My Favorites”

That’ll bring up a list of any recipes you’ve marked as favorite. Hope this helps - if it didn’t, just tell me. I’ll try to clear up my steps! :stuck_out_tongue: