Screen difference between white and black models?

Just received my two machines yesterday, and I decided to plug both in and see which one I liked more. However when I plugged them in, I noticed my black model had a yellow hue to the digits, whereas the white one had a cleaner whitish blue hue. Is this the same with everyone elses’?
Also I noted a difference in temperature, but since I’m not putting them in water nor did I have a thermometer on me, I can’t judge that it’s off. So I’ll check that out this weekend.

Here is what I’m referring to… Don’t know how to embed the image…

I’ve been using the black one first, will check out the white one next and see what it looks like. Hmm.

Definitely feel like the black one looks more like the display on your white one though, so far.

Thanks a lot for the confirmation. Did your white unit’s display look the same as your black one’s? I also emailed the support about it and they linked me to the returns / replacements form. Guess I’m going to keep the white one and send that black one back and someone will get a late Christmas gift now :#

I actually have the exact same thing.

In addition, it seems my black one is not moving the water as fast as the white one (just looking at the water in the bath) and takes longer to reach temperature.

It took my black one almost an hour to reach 185F in a 12 qt Cambrio container.

Has anyone else besides b4k noticed this? Has anyone noticed a performance difference?

I want to say that the performance of both of mine seem to be on point, but my white one is a bit louder than my black unit.
Checked the temp of both waters and it was a max of 0.5°F difference compared to an outside thermometer. However I would also like to point out it’s a random cheap one I found at target. Probably will get the thermapop soon though!

@b4k4kun‌ If you received a unit after November 18, there’s an extremely high probability that you do not have a calibration issue. However if you received your unit before then, there is a chance that your unit needs to be calibrated. To test for calibrations issues, you will need to measure the Precision Cooker against a traditional thermometer.

Should you not have access to one but you suspect your unit of not being calibrated correctly, you can return your unit and we will manually recalibrate it in house. Otherwise, the app will be able to recalibrate your unit in-hand, when it is launched in a few weeks.

@b4k4kun‌ yes, both display look the same. We’re sorry if that is in fact the case, but we will get it recalibrated for you in house.

@paladin732‌ keep an eye on that and let us know if you’re finding a big differential and we’ll get it swapped out as well.

Hey, I just fired up my first white one and it seems to be the same thing going on.

I would assume it is a sourcing variation, either the lcd display itself, or maybe the cover piece has a different quality to it. If that is the case, there should be difference the other way as well.


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