Searzall & Propane Storage

Hi All-
I received a Searzall and TS8000T as a gift. The recommended fuel is propane, but I live in an apartment in NYC. How can I safely keep a camping size tank of propane in an apartment? I’d like to use this product, but I’m concerned about the fuel storage. Any suggestions/experiences greatly appreciated.

First consider how much catastrophic public liability insurance you have. It may not be enough living in NYC with a potential bomb in your apartment. Doesn’t your city have enough troubles?

Your rig is made solely for outside use.

Hi @Dowdhewitt,

I just use one of the small disposable propane cylinders on my TS8000T and it lasts for months. Small, cheap, and easily stored in a cabinet.

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Kitchens use Searsall because they CAN be used indoors. I use mine inside as well. This isn’t a blow torch where flame is spewing out of it. The flame is contained. A sheet pan on a cutting board is sufficient. The NY regulations on the use of these isn’t in my wheelhouse.

It’s not the Searsall that’s hazardous. It’s the Propane bottle that’s potentially explosive. Don’t drop it.

I was countering your comment on it being “made solely for outside use” It is not. Also it will not explode if you drop it. It will not explode if it sits in a fire they have a pressure release vale. There is nothing on the 1lb camping bottles that can break off and release it’s contents. Unlike a 20lb bottle that has a valve that can be broken off under the right conditions. In short a 1lb bottle is ok to store indoors. Otherwise no store that sells them would be able to buy insurance.

My mistake, it’s the red warning tags on the 20lb. propane tanks that i recalled seeing.

I have a vivid memory of how a local mechanic was killed and his building destroyed when a propane fuelled car vented and exploded in his shop.

Hey Frank, since the original post included the comment “How can I safely keep a camping size tank of propane in an apartment?” it’s no wonder that you had the 20lb tanks in mind!

( Just FYI - I live in Tacoma Washington. If you do a search for “atlas foundry explosion” on YouTube you can see a worst case scenario example of a propane gas explosion. I was at home that day. My house - just slightly under 3 miles away - shook when I heard the explosion! )

That segue now complete…the 1 lb bottles are plenty safe, and I have one sitting in my kitchen with my TS8000T right now! :slight_smile: