Serious Eats Guide doesn't have fish listed

Of course, I can take extra steps to select the entry screen labelled “Recipes” and then use the search function, but that seems a bit less friendly than having a Fish entry at the initial Guide screen of rate BT app. Is there a reason? If not, could it be added? Thanks!

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Hey Dan!

If you are looking under the Anova App there should be a “Fish and Seafood” section under filters for the recipes. If you are having trouble finding it let me know, or if you don’t see it, send me a screen shot and I will see what we can do to fix it!

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:


OK. When did you folks sneak that in there?

Suggestion: can you include “dessert” and/or “fruit” as a time/temp option? That might be fun.

No worries at all, it is easy to miss! It is possible something went wrong and that is why you didn’t see it, so if it happens again let me know and I will do everything I can to help!

The updated Anova app does have Fish and Seafood as a filter. My confusion is that the Anova WiFi app Serious Eats Time and Temp Guide does not.

Maybe it’s time to combine the two apps into one with all the recipe updates.


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Combining them makes sense, absolutely. Why make things more complicated than they need to be? I spent the extra on the WiFi model, but the recipes are in the BT app and I need the WiFi app? Or am I - again - missing something?

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@dmax801 @MrTimmy Whoops, sorry I think I misunderstood the initial question, my mistake!

In regards to your second questions, we are definitely working on consolidating the apps, to make it easier to find recipes and have everything in one place. Of course, if you have any feedback I will pass it to our App team!

@dmax801 Both the bluetooth and WI-FI apps should have the recipes, are you using an adroid or apple? I just want to make sure there isn’t any issues with the app :slight_smile:

If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask

Well now that you asked, Hunter, I suggest you rationalize the categories a bit more.

For instance, instead of ‘Beef’ and ‘Steak’ you should just have ‘Beer’ (Did I mean BEEF there? :slight_smile:). OR, combine those two with Lamb recipes and just have a MEAT category.

And, of course, you don’t need a ‘Corn’ category. It should just be ‘Vegetables’. You get the idea.

For bonus points the engineering folks should consider connecting Anova devices to the Amazon Alexa platform via a SKILL as Joule has done. I’d love to be able to use my Amazon Echo to interact with my Anova Wifi. (Not sure if this is possible with current generation of Anova HW or not, but it should be on the engineering enhancement list) – Happy to provide beta testing for you.



Thanks for the feedback Timmy! Those seem like great ideas, I will pass it along to the team!

Hey! So I just looked into this a bit more, and I found the guide you were referring to, I’m going to look into what I can do to get a fish category added.

I missed the serious eats time and temp guide because I was looking at the Anova recipe’s page, totally my bad!

So I need both apps? Another limitation issue.
I was wondering where was the fish section and why is it corn and nothing else.
And where is the “search” in recipes? All I can do is “refresh”.

Thanks to this community I am learning more and more each day.

Reddit user has a working Skill for the Anova WiFi, perhaps we could get Anova to assist him?

Nice test video on that link as well.

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Good find, DFarmerTX.

If it’s as simple as he suggests then the ANOVA engineering team must know how to get there themselves. But asking the ANOVA engineering group to bless outside development that would have to be permanently supported in addition to their own code is probably a non-starter. Just throwing in a new feature generally has issues that need to be considered for future SW updates and future HW products.

Hunter is monitoring this thread and has no doubt shared the link with the ANOVA development team (if they haven’t seen it themselves) so they know the minimum feature list we’d find useful. (Cool video, I agree)

Alexa connectivity is already on the feature list so I’d say our best path forward is to share a list of capabilities we’d like and leave it to ANOVA to include or defer. – p.s. One of those features could be an architecture that would allow user created Alexa skills. :wink:


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