Set up timer to start cooking?

The timer function currently is for turning the Anova off, but I would like to be able to set a timer for the machine to turn on and start heating water. I have the wifi version, so I most of the time turn the Anova on while still out so that I’d be ready to cook when I get home. What I’d like to do is set a timer so that the machine can automatically turn. For example, I’d set it to turn on at 7:30am so that I’d be ready to cook breakfast when I wake up at 8am. If there’s no current way to do that, does anyone have any tip for keeping water hot other than keeping it on all night? The water coming out of my tap is 55 C, so it’d still take a while to get to what I usually cook my eggs at (75 C).

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The default behaviour for the PC is to not start your cook after powering on.  So, they can’t do this within the unit itself without updating its firmware (and, even then, you get into the debate we had previously about whether it SHOULD come on or not - as that could mean that you would be unaware to a power loss - potentially eating food that entered into the danger zone for micro-organisms to grow and give you food poisoning).

If I were you, I would send this as a feature request to ANova for the application.  Either you have the PC on already (but not cooking) and the app sends the signal at the time you want to bring the bath up to desired temperature, or you have the app send the PC a wake up signal first (think that would be more desirable - just not sure if the PC has the capability to be woken up by the app).

Send the e-mail to and that should get to their product management team. :slight_smile: