Setting temperature in increments of .1


I just got my Anova. I’ve noticed that some of the recepies in the app have temperatures other than .5 or .0 (Celsius) (for example 61.9)
But I’m only able to set the temperature in .5 increments if I set it manually. Is there a way around that?

Thank you in advance.

Not from the dial at the current time.

A similar question grew out of another discussion a few months ago, and it looks like you can do 0.1 increments on the iOS app, but not the android app (YET), and not from the dial on the unit.

Of course there is the question of what truly requires that level of precision, and there really isn’t much, if anything at all, that does.

Also bear in mind that if you don’t calibrate your cooker versus a NIST (in the US, not sure what other countries call their certification programs) certified & calibrated device, 0.1 or 0.5, it’s still wrong.

Here’s the discussion from a few months back. Around post 4 it starts to get into the increments,

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In my ios app, the increments for setting are .5° F or C. Setting temperature in °C and then changing to °F will give you some temperatures not ending in .0 or .5, and vice versa. But you apparently can’t directly set a temperature to finer increments using the app or dial.

As ACS pointed out, it’s unlikely that level of precision is needed. Prior to this the only time I recall seeing temperature resolution required to .25° was manually processing kodak color slide film, back in the early '80s. Eggs seem to be the food most affected by temperature, because of the multiple proteins contained. Even there time can be swapped for temperature.

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Did you type the temp in, or scroll to it? It sounds like the 0.1 increments are only available if you type them in.

If that doesn’t work, I apologize. Please get in touch with Hunter and maybe she can get you in touch with someone who can figure out why it doesn’t work.

My bad. There are 2 ios apps:
Anova Culinary
Anova Wi-Fi

I was using the Anova Culinary app, which only allows scrolling in .5° increments.

I just down loaded the Anova Wi-Fi app (it does work with the bluetooth model), and it does allow you to type in any digit after the decimal point, for .1° resolution.

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