Setting the timer toggles the temp units

I just received my precision cooker this weekend and made some amazing sous vide eggs for starters. However, it looks like in order to get to the timer (hold down power for 8s), the cooker also changes the units of temperature measurement to toggle between C and F. This seems like a weird design. Is the firmware update-able by a mobile app or something? If so, this seems like a small UI issue that should be corrected in the future, in an otherwise beautiful product.

Thanks Anova folks!

From what I’ve been able to determine with the timer:
Yes, the units will toggle during the long march to the timer toggle.
You can then toggle the units back.
Set your temp, hit timer, set it, then the go button.

IF you want to adjust temp during a timed cook however: just use the scroll wheel, and it will adjust the temp up and down and keep your current timer session going.

I would assume apps should have much more fine grained control over this stuff – the whole point was offloading a fancy touchscreen interface, storage, and internet connection to the phones/tablets.

edit: also, the timer being on resets to off when the unit is powercycled. Fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I found this a bit weird too. I tried to use the iOS app to set the time. The app showed that the time and temperature were set, but the Anova unit didn't display the time and reset the temperature from 180º to 182º. I finally did it manually, but ran into the same interface issue as Neek.

I'm in technology and don't see how the firmware could be updated to fix this problem. There is no external interface into the unit, only an app that connects via Bluetooth. IMHO, the Precision Cooker would have offered more functionality with wireless. In that way you could monitor the cook even when you were away from the house. With Bluetooth, while it is somewhat helpful in setting the temp and time on the unit, it is useless as soon as you move into another room as Bluetooth is only good for approximately 30 feet.

Having said all that, I'm pleased with the results of my Sous Vide so far and will learn to deal with the design deficiencies. 

Yeah I love my APC but they really dropped the ball by making it bluetooth instead of wifi.

Bluetooth or WiFi seems to be a hard decision for a lot of designers these days.

I find the bluetooth useful for monitoring the bath as it comes up to temperature.

It would be nice to see what is happening while you are away. I am approaching 18 hours on my short ribs and would feel more secure if I could check in on them during the day. Maybe I will set up a WiFi capable camera so I can see the Anova's display.