Significance of blue-lit wheel

Using the Precision Cooker – When setting the temperature using the wheel, I’ve noticed that the blue light is sometimes on at various temperatures. So,e.g., scrolling from 40c to 60c, the wheel backlight will be off until I hit 45.5 then it will come on until 46.5 then turn off until 52, etc.

Any significance to this?

@jshannon‌ I believe this just means that the device is currently being brought up to the desired set temp. Is this still occurring?

Yes. And if that’s true, then why would it turn off at one temp but on at another temp a bit higher and then off?

@jshannon, the blue light is an aesthetic and isn’t significant to operating the device. It doesn’t serve as any indicator of time or temperature, nor is there a hidden pattern in the numbers (I’ve tested this theory.) Along the same lines, have you tried out the ANOVA Remote app at all? You can change the color of the LED light :smile:

Anova app isn’t in the app store yet @JordanHouston edit - nevermind, anova remote is the third party one and only on android, that’s why I couldn’t find it.

@JordanHouston So you’re saying that the fact that it randomly turns on and off with no discernable pattern as you’re scrolling through temps is aesthetic. Ok…