Single diner portion of Mahi-Mahi fillet last night ;-)

Mahi-Mahi fillet with salt & pepper. Bagged and cooked 134 degrees for :30.

Finishing - 2 min cast iron pan sear on skin side only, served with Cilantro pesto.

SO bright white, sweet and juicy inside. Cilantro pesto the perfect accompaniment.

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Damn! That looks out of this. Was there anything else added your fillet besides the cilantro pesto and seasoning?

World… Out of this World. :wink:

No additional seasoning in bag.

More detail: From Costco bag of individually bagged Mahi-Mahi fillets (VERY convenient). Thawed overnight in refrigerator. Vacuumed bagged with sea salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides. – Finishing: SCREAMING hot cast iron skillet with 1 Tbl of Avocado oil. Seared on skin side ONLY.


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Man, that looks god enough to eat.

Hahaaaa I typed a little bit too fast and missed the world. But instead of “world” how about
“universe”?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds easy enough! Totally rethinking my dinner plans to have seafood! :slight_smile:

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Give Halibut a try if you see it in the store. Sous Vide is perfect for Halibut as it is so easy to overcook using other method.


Thanks, It’s next on my sous vide seafood list. :wink:


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