So, I just bought a spiralizer

Has anyone “sprialized” any veggies and then cooked them in a water oven sous vide? My goal is low carb of course.
The spriralizer works pretty good and although there are plenty of ways to cut vegetables, the spiralizer does a good job and its different…

i have the spiralizer kitchenaid attachment and usually either just blanch the veg (usually zucchini zoodles) and/or add them to the dish during cooking earlier or later depending how much of a crunchy texture i want. depends how much liquid is in what you’re cooking too.

i dont think id pop them in the sv bath though. also seems like itd be full of airpockets in the bag unless you added water too.

edit: actually maybe the sv bath would be a good opportunity to flavour them in chicken stock or curry or something

Perhaps a tomato sauce.

give it a go and report back

ok so for dinner last night i made a zoodle bolognaise, and i cooked the spiralized zucchini at 60 deg c for about 30 minutes, in a mixture of (homemade) chicken stock and curry powder. i like zoodles still a bit crunchy, and they were, and they definitely did soak up the curry flavour, but not much of the chicken stock flavour.

i’m thinking that perhaps salting the zucchini or liquid will help with this (draw fluid out of the zucchini, then allow it back in), though ultimately i think sharper flavours will work better. acidifying may be another way to go too, with some citric acid or lime juice, for bringing in some sharpness.

at any rate, this idea does work, and dinner was delicious. the immersion method unsealed bag didn’t float as the stock displaced the air.

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