Source for replacement touch screen?

My LCD touch screen has stopped responding to touching it.  The unit
boots up and passes its self test and shows the options, but nothing
happens when you touch it.  ANOVA is telling me that they do not have
replacement screens available, and can not give me a source for one. 
Has anyone had an success with finding a replacement?

@asvipe1_2 sounds like you’ve reached out to support –– how long have you had the device? Also, what does the display read?

Sorry for the late response, I was without internet for a week.
The screen shows everything like normal, it just does not respond to pressing the touch screen buttons. 
It powers on and shows the config button during boot (that does not respond either), after it finishes booting it then displays the buttons to set the temp or to start the unit.  Put when you press the screen buttons, nothing happens.
I have had it for two years.

@asvpip1_2 is the device an Anova One?

Yes it is. 

I have the same model and problem. Have you had any luck. Anova says unit out of warranty and no part available.

Wow. Two years, and no replacement parts. Brilliant!

No, I have not been able to find a replacement screen. Anova support was not very sympathetic, they did offer me a $30 discount off retail on a current model back in '16. They were selling cheaper than that on amazon though at the time.