Customer service not existing?

I have Got a product not working but i cant get in touch with customer service. What to do?

They dont reply mails or chat. So unprofessional

It’s been 10 days since first mail

@colewagoner ^^

Out of curiosity have attempted to share your issues with the community or on facebook over the last 10 days you say you have been waiting?

No. At first a had a dialogue with one from Anova that said it could not be fixed.

But that is 10 days since and my 4 mails and chats has not been answered since.

So you have actually heard from support? They said it could not be fixed. What else did they tell you?

Yes but it is 10 days ago.

They Said they would inform their replacement team and that i would hear something in 24 hours. Since then they have ignored all my contact.

Care to share what you have written to them that you think they are ignoring? Sometimes people aren’t the best customers.

Care to share the issue you have reported?

Sounds to be like you have an issue that requires replacement. They have handed this off to another team to handle it. If that’s true it may be a 3rd party and support has now handed off the issue. Did you want a replacement or did you want to return the product?

The touch screen doesnt Work. He Said He would hand it to their replacement team 10 days ago but i havent heard anything afterwards.

In meantime i have written mails about what to do but no answers.

What i want? Some info at least. Right now i cant use what i paid for

I know they are quite busy with the roll out of the oven. It’s possible that initiating a return might get you an action. If it were me I’d start a return. After a few days of no response I’d simply dispute the charge on my credit card.

Yes you are right. But i Will not pay for The return. I dont Think that is my problem.

So they should send me a return label if they want it back in my mind.

Btw. I havent heard anything yet! Im so frustrated

Call your cc company yet?

Sorry. What does that mean?

You have not called your credit card company yet, why not? You would get your money credited back.


What do you want me to do? Still no answers…

In case this is still relevant, I’ve found that tech support does not perform warm transfers to the replacement team. They want you to fill out an online form and start from scratch. I had to initiate a replacement through this form: Note that there are specific instructions on the page if you purchased through Amazon.

I agree. Start the return and clearly indicate that you have been waiting for a call back but can’t wait any longer.

My experience has always been good with anova but I haven’t had to call them during covid. Sorry for your troubles.