Called Support Line -- they just hung up after 45 seconds

Hate your job talking to unhappy customers?

Just called the support line. They immediate said in a recording that the lines are busy. But I could wait or leave a message.

Then they played a few seconds of music.

Then they disconnected my call.

That wasn’t helpful…AT ALL!


Jeez that’s rough!
Get a grip @Anova or shall we just skip you guys & pester electrolux?

Sad. Their customer service is si wonderful it took 37 days to replace my oven.

Keep ringing, whilst cut offs do occur in the real world, it’s never a good sign.
If it keeps happening then you have a great opener to your angry email.

Sadly as they don’t do jack on here the remaining level of service raises complaint & suspicion as to operational conduct, you sell premium you give premium service… logic that seems to elude anova.

I wish it was otherwise.

I doubt ‘support’ is in house, rather contracted with such as ZENDESK that I despise.

Any progress @Gearscout ?
How was contact made & state of progress currently?

Now that is Comcast quality customer service.

Mr. Gus, I’ve got more important things to worry about. I gave up on this one.