"Sous Vide Chicken Parmesan"

The recipe in the app appears to have a recipe temp of 140F, but then the text below mentions 170F in step 4. We need you guys to fix inconsistencies like this. While I think 140F is too low, 170F is too high all the same.

Can you make an option in the app to report problems with recipes?

I’ve also emailed this to the feedback address listed in the App.

It’s all from the web: https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/recipe/asian-chicken-wings-1

Same problem. And remember how long it took to fix the hoison recipe (like 2 weeks)…

@Mindflux - Thank you so much for sending this over, we’re actually working on an initiative to make these changes as we speak so any extra help is great!

The feedback address is a great way to send over these issues because we are actively reading and discussing - I’ll share your suggestion for having the option within the app with the team. In the meantime, please feel free to send me messages with any additional recipe errors you find and I’ll be sure to direct them to the appropriate party.

@jshannon - If you also wouldn’t mind sharing any recipe content you find that needs fixing, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!