Confusing Recipes

So, just received my nice black unit - could’a been earlier but apparently FedEx mucked around pretending they didn’t deliver to Bendigo in Australia. All’s well… Missing the fact there is no app yet though - maybe the app designers could have been spared packing to get that ready?

Anyways… not why I am posting…

I just clicked the link to see the recipes that will be included in the app. Figured Chicken Parma would be a good one to get down pat early on but I see this…
Step 1 - Set Anova to 140 degrees F
Step 2 - Take 2 chicken breasts and season well with salt and pepper on both sides
Step 3 - Place chicken breasts in vacuum sealer and remove as much air as possible
Step 4 - Place bag in 170 degree water for an hour and thirty minutes
Step 5 - Turn oven on to broil

So is the chicken cooked in 140ºF or in 170ºF? Do I start at one and then turn it up when I add the chook?

What temperature is ‘broil’? I can operate in F or C but Broil does not compute. :wink:

We do chucks at 65 c which is 149F. They do ok.

Given the recipe steps, I would say 170F is a misprint and 140F is the temp you want the water bath set to.

@vtemkin‌ - Ah… so broil means turn on the top element… OK, I can work with that - the way it read I thought it was meant to be a substitute for (say) Put oven on 200ºC or similar.

  • @DavidA‌ - Um… Aussie thing - chooks are chicken, usually full grown. :smiley: Chuck is chuck steak, a cut of beef.
  • @DMW‌ - I kinda guessed at that - took a look at some other sous vide stuff and figured 170 was a bit high.

Thanks guys…

@Journyman, I share your confusion. It may stem from the different temperatures required to cook the different parts of said bird. Breasts are cooked to 140ºF-145ºF but thighs/legs will still be unappetizingly undercooked. The dark meat needs to be cooked to about 165ºF-170ºF. Broiling gives the surface a nice browned appearance and will crisp any skin on the meat as well as adding even more flavor. So feel comfortable and safe using 140ºF for breasts, but use 165ºF or so for the dark meat.

Oh heh. I just made a post on this too.

Hi All - We’re currently working to fix recipe issues so if you do come across anything confusing or incorrect, please send me a message containing the URL and error you found. Thank you!!