Sous Vide cooking temperature

If food temperature settings vary depending on the types of food and Sous Vide equipment is maintaining the fixed temperature you set, but water boils at 100C or 212F, does it mean it only works if the food temperature setting is less than water boiling temperature? What is the max temp setting you can get on the ANOVA?

The maximum temperature for our existing cookers is 210°F / 99°C. I am a little confused by the rest of the question. :frowning:

I think you’ve answered the question.

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If you were wanting to boil something, you wouldn’t bother using sous vide to do it anyway. There’d be little point.

I’m curious, what’s the purpose of asking the question?

@shui I think the reason you’re seeing us confused is that when water boils it has "hit it’s max temperature (as long as it’s not under pressure or has something like salt in it that will change the actual “boiling point”). When water hits 212F/100C at sea level it vaporizes. If you had a sous vide cooker that had a setting higher than 212F/100C it still couldn’t get the water any hotter than it is at boiling.
So yes, it only works if the food temperature setting is less than water boiling temperature - that’s just the way heating of non pressurized fresh water works.

If anyone sees anything erroneous in my post please correct me! :slight_smile:

I think the confusion for those new to sous vide stems from their experience cooking in an oven or a hot pan. To cook a roast you set the oven higher than you want the finished product and remove it when the internal temperature hits your desired point. This results in a gradient from perfectly cooked to overdone on the outside.portion. Using a water bath your item is at the proper point from edge to edge.