Sous Vide - The Next Generration

I thought you might enjoy seeing this - my Old Skool homemade Sous Vide controller made from an old slow cooker and $25ish bits from eBay (it’s safe, honest!), cooking a 48 hour chuck steak for tomorrow night, alongside the Anova precision cooker, working hard getting up to temperature for tonight’s dinner, a nice Scotch Fillet premium grade steak. I’m not sure you can get Scotch Fillet in the USA, much like butchers here in Australia don’t know what Hanger Steak or Brisket are. Two steaks in one week? Lucky me :slight_smile:

Scotch Filet is a Rib Eye steak here in the US.

A nice cut of meat, enjoy your dinner. BTW have you tried fish yet?

Excellent work on the cooler lid. 

Thanks @Sam :slight_smile:  It’s surprisingly easy to get a good result if you have the bits, I might do a quick tutorial similar to the silicone gasket one if I get time. 

Hi over the last 6 weeks or so I’ve not been as active in the kitchen as I would prefer (ongoing medical issues), no fish yet but it is still on the agenda.