Sous vide with marinade

I’ve searched our community here but can’t find a definitive answer. What results have people had using sous vide on meat that is sealed in a bag WITH a marinade? I’ve got a london broil sitting in a sealed bag full of marinade in the fridge. I’m cooking it tomorrow and am wondering, do I take it out of the marinade before putting it in the sous vide bath? Or can I just leave it as is and put it in the water for a few hours while still in the marinade? Any experience with this? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Marinade really isn’t going to achieve much. The meat isn’t going to absorb any more flavour cooked in it or left soaking in it overnight. But three is no harm in doing it if that’s what you fancy.

Thank you, Ember.

I ended up taking it out of the marinade and did a 4-5 hour SV. During the final sear I brushed some of the marinade back on it (making sure to grill the freshly basted sides) and it came out great.