Stop after reaching desired time

Hi, I just received my Anova Nano and it don’t stop after set time. Shouldn’t it do that?

No, it’s not supposed to turn off. It’s a question of food safety, a few extra hours are seldom a problem in sous vide cooking but holding your food at an unsafe temperature, which can happen if the stick turns off and you’re not around to take care of the food, is a bad idea.

Exactly. some of the consistency of temperature maintainance via the impeller is to ensure everything is well mixed so temperatures are consistent across the board, …stop the impeller circulating & you immediately find hotspots & cold spots building up.

My units suffers less from temp fluctuations due to insulation around the pots & the fact I keep a silicone lid on them, which solves evaporation, steam & potential for vapour ingress via the units vents, …you don’t need to be a rocket scientist but logic as well as pasteurisation is something to note when cooking sous vide & utilising a low energy cook.

With insulation beneath the pot, silicone lid above, more round the side if possible, you will likely see it take 24+ hours for the water to cool down & match room temperature.
Insulation = less cycling of the heating element, lower energy consumption & fast reacting (heat up & target temp attainment)

Some cooks are good to sit for “x” time (usually 3 hours without significant change for my cooks, unless its specifically a 78c cook for a faux in the shell poached egg …which I tried the other day needing running under the cold tap, the difference then for example was that the next egg left to sit on purpose & circulating, was hard boiled, …so some recipes allow flexibility, others demand immediate removal …sadly there are too many cloned recipes out there & not much curation so be aware.

What is it you wish to cook & possibly “hold in stasis” ?