Support email not working

Hi folks,
I have tried contacting you via

  1. Support website, submitting a ticket.
  2. Support web chat
  3. Returns webiste.

The support email arrives, but when I respond your system doesn’t seem to acknowledge. I can see on my mail logs that your Google mail system has accepted my reply e-mail so I guarantee you that you have my response… but it’s lost someplace.

I asked your web chat folks for help… but all they will suggest is that I email you. This is, obviously ridiculous, since I can’t email you about my email not being received. Your web chat folks suggested that I open a ticket to return my device and then mention that email is not working.

I tried that… but again, returns didn’t read my note and told me to e-mail them for further information.

In all these communications, I have requested that Anova call me. I’m running out of contact methods here.
a. Please have your tech folks contact me. I’m an IT professional and can help them sort out their mail issues if they need help.
b. Please have one of your support folks contact me about the temperature issues I am having with my devices.


That’s really odd. Sorry that the email thing to support is not working for you. What is your contact email? You can DM it to me or on here - whichever you’re more comfortable with.

I sent you a DM. Hopefully that reaches you.

Yep! I’ve responded to you!

Hi, I’m having the same issues. I have been emailing regarding a warranty claim since December 26th. Still no contact from Anova.
I’d be grateful if someone could assist, I’m in the UK.

Can you let me know what your ticket # is???

EDIT: Actually, I see your PM. Looks like Shiela followed up with you yesterday!