Support for Anova Precision Oven

I have not been able to get my Anova Precision Oven to connect to WiFi since I received it. I talked with Peter in tech support to try several things to get it connected, but nothing would work. He told me that my oven needed to be replaced. So he transferred my ticket to the replacements team. They did not reply to any of my messages for more than a week. They finally send me a message 2 days ago with a prepaid return label. They said I had to return my old oven first before they would send a replacement, but they said that as soon as I sent it back I should tell them and they would start to process the replacement. However, even though I mentioned multiple times that my address had changed since I received the oven, the return label they sent me still showed my old address. So I wrote back again asking them to generate a new label with my correct address, and update my address in their system, so that the new oven would be sent to the correct address. It has been more than 2 days and they have not replied to that message. I am afraid to send the oven back using the incorrect label, and I am also afraid that if I do send it back, it would be weeks before they send me a new oven. Is there anybody I can call at Anova who can help me or give me better service? When I call their phone number, I just get a voicemail box. I am never able to talk to a real person. I am quite frustrated at this point and feel that I wasted $600 on this oven.