System Calibration procedure for Anova Precision Cooker

Hi, I believe this is for Anova 1 only:
Do you have the system calibration instructions for Anova Precision Cooker?

From the Anova Precision Cooker manual troubleshooting section…

Temperature read does not match thermometer:
Keep in mind, Anova immersion circulators are calibrated to a scientific platinum
primary standard which is far more accurate than store thermometers.
Cover your tank with foil and wait about 15 minutes for temperature equilibration –
the number one source of temperature read differences is an uncovered tank. If you
want your system to match your personal thermometer, use the calibration function
provided in the phone application to change the temperature offset.

So basically, it appears we have to wait for the phone application to do a calibration. My precision cooker is off by right around 1 degree Fahrenheit. I’ve just been setting the cooking temp at one degree higher than what I really want. I am using a Thermapen to test the water so I trust that over the Anova. Just to be sure I even tested my Thermapen with a properly made ice bath and it got to within .1 degrees of 32.0 Fahrenheit.

Thanks for the quick info. btw, I didn’t use any store thermometers, I have two Thermapens. My precision cooker if off by about 1.5 F.

There’s a small deviation in some of the units. This will be fixable by either the app or ship it back, and we’ll tighten the calibration for you.

Excuse my ignorance, will the fix by app be permanent or do I have to apply it before every cook? I’m in Canada, do you cover shipping both ways if I need to send it back to you? Thanks.

The app will permanently fix the calibration issue. Yes. We’ll cover shipping.

It won’t be a problem for me for a while since I’m one of the backers that have been delayed for another two months. But I’m worried about your answer. I use android and since backing in June (where the message was app for apple and android) the app for android has suddenly disappeared in your product descriptions. Will I have to ship my unit from the US to Denmark to find out that it has to be calibrated and then have to ship it back and forth another time (further delay) unless I find a friend with an IPhone that’s willing to install and calibrate for me?

Yes it will remember the calibration. There are multiple 3rd party android apps in development.

The app will permanently fix the calibration issue. Yes. We'll cover shipping.

I wish I would have known this before my $60 rib roast was cooked to a not-so-perfect medium/medium well when I had set it for 134…

How do I send it back to Anova for calibration?

Please fill out the return request form here: