Tell me how dumb I was....

…to pass up this deal ? :frowning:

So a few days ago I was in my local Wal Mart family market, and they had about 10 big booming Beef Briskets, anywhere from 14 lbs, to 20 lbs, all marked down to about 30% off of an already good price… which brought them down to $2.25 a lb !
And I didn’t buy one :frowning: My excuses were, 1) I had two more hunks of brisket in the freezer at home already, and 2) I hadn’t yet SV’ed it as good as I thought I could…
But now I have ! I SV’d one of those hunks for 50hrs @ 134 F, and it came out unbelievably good !

So now I’m kicking myself in the arse for not getting a 20lb’er for $45

BTW, I still have no clue how to separate a flat from the point… Murdered that first one, Telling you that cow died twice ! :slight_smile: lol But at this point, I almost don’t care ! A 50hr SV melts a lot of the fat away anyway, plus being a Keto guy, that fat is as helpful (or moreso) than the darn meat anyway :slight_smile: Probably easier to remove a little bit of fat on my plate, than it is to remove before cooking anyway. Plus, the dogs will love me :wink:

Tell me how dumb I was to pass up brisket for $2.25 a lb. Do you think I will see that deal again any time soon ?

Brisket breakdown

As with any muscle separation it’s a good knife and follow the contours of the muscle. In mny instancing your more pulling them apart than cutting.

Yep. Same thing cleaning a fish. Speaking of which, I’m glad you mentioned this… I meant to buy me a good, professional fillet knife…

In any case, this time around, I’m not overly concerned with how pretty it comes out, as I’m going to keep every last ounce of it anyway. Making beef cracklings with the fat I remove, and I think a 40-50 hr SV is going to render a lot of the fat left on the meat anyway. Plus when searing with my torch, I will concentrate on the fattiest portions too :wink:

Not being s fishy fan, I find a good boning knife to be more useful. Medium to long, narrow for maneuverability but less flexible than a filleting knife.

It was “Evil Brisket” @Fishchris. It came from “EVIL” Cows. You were wise to pass on making the purchase!

<Feel a little better now? :wink: >

Evil cows ? :slight_smile: Lol

What the heck ?