Temperature display is reading + or - 3 to 4 degrees from Set Temperature

I have recently had an issue with the Precision Cooker (wi-fi model) temperature display swinging up and down 3 to 4 degrees from set temperature of 132 while running. (i.e. Varies between 127 & 136) and ruined a nice thick steak :frowning: . I called Customer Support 7 days ago and again today with no reply yet. Unit is several years old and always worked great until now. Wondering if it can be reset or do they only last about 100 uses?

Hey Rog, thanks for joining us. My APC is over 5 years old and in frequent use without any problems. Always dead accurate.

There’s usually a cause when equipment malfunctions. Are you taking any preventive steps to keep rising water vapour from reaching the interior of your APC? The moisture can cause the sensitive electronics to act up. Give your circulator a rest in an open and dry environment for at least a day. Then try using it again with the vessel covered near the circulator. Vent the side opposite the circulator. You don’t have to cook anything. Just let it run for a while at your previously set temperature while observing the display for erratic readings again.

If your are adventuresome, there are a few fairly recent posts here made by technologically advanced users who reveal how to repalce some faulty components. Check them out.