Temperature Gauge Counts Down

My new Anova does not heat up. Set temp to 165F and when preheating the temp gauge counts down instead of up. Help!

Not meaning to be facetious, but are you sure you’ve set the temperature? You might be best to contact Customer Service and see if they can talk you through the problem. If there is anything wrong they’ll no doubt organise a replacement.

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Yes I have.

I’m having the same problem as OP. Have cooked pork chop and coulatte at this point with no problem. Coulatte was 125 degrees for an hour, pork chop was 140 for same period. I decided to try the 8-hour (at 176 degrees) pork carnitas recipe. Had it all up and running – took nearly 90 mins for the water (3 gallons) to reach 176 starting temp. And away we went.

I ran my wife to work and came back home to pick up dry cleaning before heading to the office. As I was checking email I noticed the bag had slid over and was up against the bottom of the cooker and the temp had dropped to the mid 160’s. I clipped the bag to the side of the plastic 4-gallon plastic container and got it moved safely out of the way.

But the temps kept dropping and dropping. I tried moving water over to a smaller All-Clad pot and fired up the Anova again. No dice. I changed the temp to see what would happen and the circulation started back up much stronger – but the temps keep dropping. And dropping 0.1 degree at a time. It won’t even hold 140 now. Thoughts? (I’ve abandoned this carnitas cook.)

It really shouldn’t take that long for the water to come up to temperature with the Anova. It may take a little longer if you’re heating a large amount of water and you’re starting with very cold/icy water. Usually covering the water bath and starting with warm water from the tap can help with speeding things.

It’s possible that the bag was blocking the flow, which could totally interfere with the temperature.

But it looks now your cooker is in a funk. I would definitely reach out to support@anovaculinary.com.

Thanks. I’ll do that.