temperature stuck at negative ten celsius

Hello, I got my Anova just before the pandemic, and I used it last a couple weeks ago. It was a long cook and I had to abort it once the display started giving insane negative temperature readings, something like negative 50 degrees celsius or something. I figured giving it some days would cool it down or something.

Now I’m using it again and it’s not registering any temperature at all, it’s just stuck at negative ten celsius. Nothing seems to change it. Help?

You should contact support (menu at the top of the page) - in all likelihood, they’ll need to replace your unit. It sounds like the circuitry has a defect.

I’m not sure the newest APC has the same shortcoming, but the prior revisions were also prone to the electronics in the head of the unit having odd behaviour if too much steam entered the head of the unit. Make sure that your sous vide setup is in a well ventilated area, with lots of room overhead for the steam to escape. Having a covered vessel, so no steam can escape is also highly desirable.

I also saw one user put towels around their APC to try to contain steam - that had the unfortunate effect of not allowing the APC to ventilate…which caused it to overheat.

And, just so you’re aware, this community is Anova customers helping Anova customers. For the most part Anova staff don’t participate here. Welcome. :slight_smile: