The control interface is displaying only "8" and the scroll wheel is unlighted. What is wrong?

At first the Anova Precision cooker appeared to be working fine. I unplugged the unit and dried it. Then placed the unit back into the water, plugged it in and downloaded an app. The bluetooth worked and then the app reported that the unit was no longer working and sure enough all 8’s in the digital display. I checked my circuits and all is fine. I unplug and then plug the unit back in with the same results. Downloaded another app but it can not find the unit either. I just saw the unit display come alive! The blue light is on again . This after 45min of being plugged in and of course in water. What’s napping?

@“Jacqui Deering” So sorry that your device isn’t behaving properly! Is it currently functioning or is it still going a bit haywire? We’d be happy to issue you a replacement unit if you’re still having trouble! This can be done through