Anova Precision Pro refuses to start up

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone else has had the issue when starting their cooker, the only display shown is the plus sign, which does not respond when pressed, do other lights come on. The unit’s wifi is available several minutes after restarting, but unable to join the network for the app to access it (app can not make it join the home network).

Please contact Anova Support.

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Thanks for the reply, John…
I did reach out to support, whom asked several unrelated questions about my setup, completely missing the point that the unit displays only the plus sign on powering up. Most would miss that the 4 digit number to pair the device in-app is the 4 digits in the unit’s SSID… the only way to get it since the display is not functioning (and cant be reset by pressing the button to create a new random number in it’s SSID).
Was hoping the community might know a way to reset this device in hope of resurrecting the unit. At the least, letting people whom have the same issue know it’s an issue to contact support for assistance.

Anova may reply. My units are pre-WiFi so I am of little help.

Worries me when the display of the unit isn’t working correctly, yet they ask for details of my ISP, phone, OS, app version, etc… let’s hope they reply this week, makes it hard when support is based in the US, with US East coast hours, and I’m in Australia…

I believe that ANOVA’s ‘help’ is contracted through Zendesk with the boilerroom CSR reading from a scripted input to an ‘expert’ system. If that is indeed the case then I recommend ANOVA take help in house to reflect their real comittment to customer satisfaction.

We have support hours all hours of the day, not just US times. CS will reply ASAP

We hire and train all of our agents, Zendesk is the system we use, but they do not provide agents.

That can’t be the case when I replied late Friday afternoon US East time and didn’t get another response until Monday morning again US East time (Australia’s Tuesday)… This product (especially one sold as a Pro version) needs considerably more documentation, and a much better app (which perhaps can tell the user some debug info to help your service desk)… You need to find a way that users can do a hard reset on the device (or restore thru a PC/phone to a previous or newer firmware)

There was likely a backlog of tickets ahead of yours which delayed response a bit, and agents do take normal days off as well. We are staffed 7 days a week, in multiple time zones.