Tilapia, ready when I need it

One of the best things about my Anova is that I don’t have to worry about timing nearly as much. Fish is a perfect example because it is so easy to over OR under cook.

I put 3 pieces of tilapia in a gallon bag with a mix of garlic, parmesan, olives and sriracha on one side and cooked them for an hour at 145F. They were thin and probably done before an hour, but if I couldn’t serve them for another half hour it made no difference.

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Looks amazing @RichardOL! Tilapia is what I want to try out next (along with salmon).

Richard, nice prep.

Alyssa, salmon. Go with salmon. …

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I’ll definitely try out salmon! @acs

Funny you mention prevention of overcooking, but you cook your fish at 145. I thought fish was done at 125.

I might do fresh salmon at 130F but for other random fish I like it more done.

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