Time adjustment for a smaller portion - Porchetta Recipe

Looking at doing the porchetta recipe. It calls for a 12-15lb pork belly @ 155F for 36 hours. If I am using a 5lb pork belly would I reduce the time? Thanks

Weight doesn’t impact time so much as thickness does. But in the instance of such a long cook there’s a minimal difference anyway. The 36 hours should be fine. If you’d like to ease your mind at any stage, you can lift the cooking meat out of the water and give it a pinch and a poke to see how the cook is progressing. You’re feeling for the texture you’re chasing, the softness of the meat. You can pull the cook at any time you’re satisfied with the feel of it.

Awesome!! Thanks for the response. I will see how it goes this weekend!!

JW, if you rolled your Porchetta in the usual manner i’d stick with the recipe’s time, - or only a few hours less, to get that wonderful softness you’re seeking.

Thanks chatnoir for the tip, I will role with 36 hrs, I put it in this morning!!

how’d it turn out? I did new yorks one time that i had to leave in for 2 days, something came up. anyways when we got back they were so good and i could cut them with a fork. I think the longer you cook beef the better it is. not so much with pork. let me know how it turned out.

@Ember @chatnoir @princesspea thanks for your advice and my Porchetta turned out awesome. I cut it short by 2 hours so it went for 34 hours at 155. I highly recommend the recipe.

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I love it when a plan comes together. Glad you enjoyed it.