Timer Confusing or Broken?

I’m on my second day of using the Wi-Fi version of the device. In both instances I started by using existing recipes from the app. After preheating the timer changed from 90 minutes or 30 minutes to —. When I look up videos I either get complicated manual ways to do it with the device (which work) or tutorials showing what’s likely an old version of the app.

Either way this seems rather complicated. Or I could have a malfunction. Is there an update to date video or tutorial on how the timer is supposed to start after preheating?


@AlyssaWOAH, there really does seem to be something seriously wrong with timing in the App. Seems to be so many people with timing problems. Is there any indication from the Dev’s as to what is wrong or when it will be fixed?

@phinneous, time isn’t a critical thing with sous vide. It’s not a major problem to run without timing, but if you want to use a reliable timer you can always use the timer on your phone.

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Yeah, there is an issue with the timer. I’ve experienced it myself. The dev team is aware of it though and they’re currently working on getting that fixed.

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So, when you get that fixed how will you be notifying owners and how will we patch the fix?

My issue with the timer is that when I use it with the app, everything looks fine at first - time is correct, temp is correct - then it randomly sets the Anova temp in the app to Celsius, while my actual unit is still in Fahrenheit. For example, if I’m cooking at 165F, at first the app says 8hrs, 165F. All is good. Then at some point it will translate that to 74F (the Celsius equivalent temp, but in Fahrenheit) and set my unit to 74F. This obviously creates the risk for some serious food poisoning issues if you don’t catch it when it’s happening, and certainly risks screwing up the meal. Fortunately, I check my Anova frequently, so I’ve always caught it in time, but would like to have a unit I can actual trust to cook. Also am not able to check temp when I’m out of the house because it won’t connect to WiFi, but that is an issue that has been well covered elsewhere (though not resolved by Anova).

@JoshK so it sounds like the issue you’re experiencing has more to do with temperature and/or it switching from F to C, and not a timer issue. Are you using the iOS or Android app? Does this issue only happen when using the app to set your time + temp?

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Hi Alyssa,

I’m using the Android app. I guess I’m conflating the temperature and timer issue because I only use the app if I’m setting the timer (if I’m just setting the temp, it’s much easier just to do on the Anovo), and I’ve only had this issue occur when using the app.

I haven’t tested it enough to say exactly what combination of factors causes this issue to occur. I suspect it may have something to do with dropped Bluetooth connections, as this causes other issues for me. For example, if I walk away to where I lose Bluetooth then return, I get an error that the Anova can’t reconnect. If I reconnect it in the app, the timer then resets to the original time, not the remaining time (e.g., my timer was set to 24hrs. I walked away and came back an hour later. When I reconnected, timer went back to 24hrs, not 23hrs.).