Timer isn't counting down as expected

Just got my precision cooker.  I set it to 146F for 45 minutes.  It reaches the temp, I put the eggs in, and then begins to countdown.  Then it stops counting.  Then after 10-30 seconds it starts counting again.  Then it pauses.  Rinse and repeat.

I set my microwave timer to 45 minutes and my microwave is currently at 13:34 while the cooker is at 44:28.  What gives???

NOTE: I set the temp and timer with the Android app.  I saw the machine climb to the right temp and start counting from the right time.


Nevermind, I’m retarded.  Just realized the timer is in HH:MM format.  I thought it was MM:SS format.  Hence why after my microwave timer had run 45 minutes, my precision cooker was at 44:15. 


This may be an important thing to note in the manual for the sake of clarity.

@ThaddeusMaximus - Good feedback! I’ll pass it along :slight_smile: