Tough Chicken breasts

I cooked 2 chicken breasts, organic, skinless, boneless, 22 mm. thick, at 144.5 degrees for an hour and a half, then very briefly browned them a bit. They were extremely tough and chewy, although moist. What did I do wrong?


You shoud have tender breast with your setting …

Try a overnight in buttermilk… will help

Sometime… you can get ruff meat… even with chiken.


Chicken is currently prone to quality fluctuations due to the intensive farming methods they undergo. The modern commercial chicken has been bred to be very breast heavy because that is where the value is. It seems that there have now been a few generic issues thrown up which can cause things like extreme toughness and such.

By the way, it is highly suggested that chicken be cooked to pasteurisation as per the tables in Baldwin’s Practical Guide to Sous Vide..