Tried Cole's "smokey salmon" (Brits beware)

Thank goodness I used salmon fillet scraps to try this one out because it was Kraft “Blue box” salty.

I immediately ignored the “salt your fish” (30 mins in the fridge prior to dry mix application)
I used my excellent hard to over-salt with cornish kosher sea salt
I pulled back the mustard to 3/4 of the amount due to wife’s caution with english mustard.

As a dry mix it does not appear overly salty if you wet fingertip sample the mix once its been pounded a bit, …deceptive.
Sous vide as per instructions & temp, all good,
Slid off a morsel with a knife, very nice indeed (though as scraps it wasn’t holding together as a portion piece that well) …slid a scotch pancake flipper under & popped it into the airfryer for 2 minutes skin side up for a bit of crispiness (wasn’t washing another frying pan tonight) wife needs introducing to some things by degree, this is one of them)

BLUE BOX (kraft) is horribly over-salted in a box mac & cheese, tried once with daughter in Canada, it was refused, then so did I having tasted it also, I’m incredulous as to what people are putting their taste-buds through & pressures to their kidney function :wink:

Half the salt amount in the dry mix, no pre-salt for the salmon, …will try & rescue it tomorrow.

Having re-bagged it I put in a decent scoop of plain sugar tin a “screw this” attempt to dampen the saltiness (additional sugar) tomorrow may mean washing it off after trying to knock it back, shame, damn good spanish paprika from my stash was used in this.

Update, just had this for breakfast with a tray of re-heated plain rice & a dribble of my homemade “gochujang light” sauce to mop up excess rice with. (makes a nice change from toast)

Whilst there was plenty of flavour from coles recipe the sheer amount of salt used was very prominent within the recipe in terms of a salty coating to the tongue (thus finishing the rice with gochujang) …left my tongue feeling hot like it was dipped in a bag of msg powder :-1:

So please pay attention to the amount of salt in his recipe & make your own call as per previous post, whilst I managed to rescue it rather than bin the salmon scraps if that had been a main course it would have been left to one side & something else hastily put together.