Best Salmon I've ever cooked :)

And it was actually the first time Id ever done Salmon SV :slight_smile: So I guess all I have to do the next time, is repeat it :slight_smile:
I used this recipe, for the hot sauce (heat, not spicy) and I SV’d the Salmon @ 133F for 1 hr Shortest SV I’ve ever done. I think it was smart to put mine and my GF’s fillet into two seperate bags, to prevent them from fusing while in the SV bath. Also, we had been needing a new non-stick ceramic coated pan anyway, so I had gotten a brand new one for this cooking. Salmon tears up so easy, but this came out without a single flake out of place :slight_smile: And perfectly golden ! Actually looked exactly like the Salmon in this video :slight_smile: I do have to say though… I used a massive lemon from our tree, and that ended up being TOO strong, so I ended up having to double the cream and butter to dilute it. Next time, I’ll use a smaller lemon… Or, whatever lemon, and just keep adding cream and butter to taste :wink:
SO good :slight_smile:

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Simple salmon with lemon as an accent is one of my favorites. As a kid I lived where they could be caught but now I must rely on store bought. For a real treat get a thick filet of wild caught salmon from Alaska.

Well sure, its just hard to go wrong with Salmon in the first place. It has so much flavor, you don’t have to do much to help it. But adding butter and heavy cream sure doesn’t hurt :wink:
Speaking of wild caught Salmon, that would be a “treat” alright ! I’m not even sure where I can get it in Sacramento CA right now. I could drive 100 miles to Bodega Bay, and pay $32 a lb for it ? Or get it on the Internet, for $30-60 a lb !

Maybe I could just sell my truck, and have fresh wild Salmon for a week :slight_smile: lol