Copper River Salmon

During a short period each year we are able to get fresh Copper River salmon from Alaska. It is sent direct from the source overnight and it is a real treat. My wife likes it a little more done than I do so I cooked it at 125°F, 51.7°C for 30 minutes in olive oil. I seasoned it with salt and pepper before serving. It was delicious and perfectly cooked. The thinner piece near the tail was also perfect. Other methods tend to leave this part overcooked and dry. 

Looks delish,!!

Wow! That does look good.

I live in the Yukon in the summer and that looks a lot like Yukon salmon. Not char but salmon.

I find Yukon salmon to be firmer and more tasty. They say it is because it is much more of a challenge for the salmon to return to the spawning grounds and those poor fish get beat against the rocks a lot.

There is nothing quite as good as freshly caught wild salmon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest we went fishing all the time. My favorite way of cooking it is to use a basket or make one from alder branches and lean the fish up next to an alder wood fire. The hint of smoke and crispy skin are the best.

Sous vide is a lot like poached salmon and is a great way to cook it. It is so easy to control how done you want it and it always turns out perfect.