UK Delivery

I’ve ordered a new Anova last week but have had no indication as to when the appliance will be shipped or delivered. I’ve sent an email to support who’ve sent an automated response to say it make take about 72 hours to get back to me. Do any UK users know how long delivery takes?


I also want to know the delivery timescales to the UK, before I checkout. How can an online shop not have this information up front and central. Not a great start. Obviously delivery will not be as quick as Amazon, but they should set some expectations.

I cañ confirm that I received delivery 7 days after I placed the order.

I ordered on the 21st of December and still have no idea when it will be delivered. Got an initial automated email saying they would get back in 72 hours then another email saying they would be further delay in getting back to our enquiry. Just want to know when it will be delivered, these things are not cheap, its shocking customer service really.

Not UK delivery (Portugal instead) but I’m on similar situation as Joe Lewis.
I placed the order December 20th and already sent 2 emails to the support saying that is not acceptable at least not have yet a shipment tracking number for a product that was already payed and immediately charged to my bank account. Moreover the site mentioned that the delivery would happen after Christmas and clearly this message is not a good/trustworthy sales policy which left me and another customers completely disappointed, blind without knowing when the delivery will take place. To finish on my second email to the support I have mentioned that if the situation persists I will have to escalate and ask my money back!

Strange there’s such a variety of service experiences with Anova.

My daughter lives in Amsterdam and just bought herself an Anova and received it in under a week. It came direct from Electrolux in Germany.

She also has the app installed and operating flawlessly on her iPhone. Her first 2 cooks delighted her, an Entrecote and a half a Boneless Leg of Lamb, both at 55ᴼC using Dr. Baldwin for times.