Unable to connect to Wi-FI app

Hi guys, I am have difficulty connecting my WI-FI precision cooker to my WI-FI. Bluetooth connects immediately, but the wi-fi will not connect. My router is a Linksys E1000 (so no 5GHz band), my SSID is not hidden, I have reset my router and the Anova device itself, I’m using a personal WPA2 security, and I don’t have any MAC filtering on. Im just not sure what to try next. The WI-FI icon on the Anova usually stays a solid blue and then will blink on occasion, but I’m not real sure what that means. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If you read the Apple App Store reviews, apparently we are not alone.  

My unit worked the first time, but then broke after that.  I believe that their latest app update is the culprit.  Oddly, no information from Anova anywhere about the problem.

I’m going to ship mine back to Amazon on Monday.  Love it, but I think I will wait until the work the bugs out.

Strangely enough, after I tried about 10 more times to get it to connect, it finally worked.  I deleted and reinstalled the app a few times, I deleted the non-WiFi version of the app (iOS), I tried the Android version of the app, never worked.  Oh, and I also did the reset on the unit by long pressing the WiFi symbol on the unit until it beeped, two times, then unplugging and replugging the unit.

I also tried connecting to a different WiFi router but that didn’t work.

But finally, after all of that, it decided to connect when I went back to the original router.

I have it connected and in standby now, and it still is connected several hours later.  

I guess you just have to be persistent.  Or dumb enough to keep trying!  :-)

This is a MAJOR problem.  Worked then stopped pairing after reloading software 10 times was able to get it to pair on iPhone 5S only not my iPad Mini4.  After 2 hours of cooking the app stopped and so did the cooking.  I have never been able to get the Bluetooth to work.  I a on my third unit and this one is probably going back.  I love the results, but suddenly stopping makes me nervous as I do not want to poison anyone if it suddenly stops working when I am not home.

Really Anova, don’t bring a product to market before it is ready…It is obvious the product and software have problems.  Will acknowledge that your customer service has been great…not helpful