Use as air fryer

I frequently use my oven as an air fryer. Results seem to be dependent on rack position. Is there a preferred rack position for air frying? I’m trying to use recipes that were meant for traditional fryers. I typically use a flat wire basket with a drip tray below it.

I wonder if adding the drip tray alters air flow and heat patterns resulting in the bottom cooking differently than the top

Air Fry mode uses top and back heat

I’m a bit of a noob here, but I’m putting my stuff directly on rack and putting the tray at the bottom of APO. Makes sense to me, but I’m a noob.

Can you get hold of an “X” rack ? stick a chicken or whatever (it’s for larger items) & see how the air circulates beneath & around please? (to teach yourself something of the thermal movement, & if possible borrow a heat camera, your tin plate is acting as a bottom blocker for convection, thus wire mesh trays allow for better heated air movement.

when I use an “X” rack in a conventional oven it makes more of the meat on a chicken as it is all elevated & air convection gets everywhere, you are installing a heat shield in the manner you use your oven in essence.

The “x” rack is an adjustable thick wire frame adjustable rack (scissor closure) …they are very good, I don’t have the APO

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Unless you’re usually cooking a large amount of food, I guess it would be more convenient a proper air fryer aside, APO has a cooking chamber too big to be efficient both in terms of energy consumption and results, to me. You can get a good one for 80€. Just my two cents, of course.