Using WiFi, what good is it?

So I set up the WiFi function and it works. But as a practical matter what good is it? Seal the food and drop in water bath, level the house and start at a later time, without refrigeration? Really?

It’s good for monitoring your cook remotely. Assuming you have the ability to get home and do something about it in a timely manner, if you find that you’ve had a power outage or other problem that knowledge could save you from losing some expensive meat (or whatever).

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Yes, @DParker is right - you have the ability to control and monitor it remotely. WIFI also has Google Home + Alexa integration.

The cost difference between the non-WiFi & the WIFi is a pretty high price to pay for only a monitoring function. My thought was to use an ice bath or at least iced water. So after I posted I did some digging. As it turns out there used to be a function much as I described, it would send a signal alerting that the water temp was rising past 40 deg. Then for some reason Anova eliminated the function. I must this is sadly a step backwards. This is a feature that needs to return.

The ice bath feature is coming back. We’re currently ironing it out and it’s in the beta stage.


If you need a beta tester let me know.

WiFi isn’t the only difference between the two models. The WiFi one packs 900 watts, while the BT-only version is 800 watts. In any event, whether or not the combination of the two justifies the cost difference is a completely different question from the one you originally asked…which was with regard to what use WiFi is on the unit at all.

Do you have iOS or Android? Right now we have the ice bath beta for iOS.

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Android for me

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Gonna find out when the Android ice bath beta will be released for testing. Let me get an update from our dev team and get back with you!

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The ice bath feature really interests me.
Would love to beta and I’m on iOS

Okie dokie I can send you the beta - pm me your email address!

I too would love to test the beta. I was actually wondering why this wasn’t an option.

  1. wake up fill ice bath drop frozen or fresh food
  2. goto work
  3. figure out your timing to set the food to be done by the time you are home for dinner
  4. emergency is if ice bath temp raises beyond X (food safe storage temp) the program now goes on to full cook mode. And will then keep the food at the serve temp.

My email is gaspipe1 (at) gmail(dot)com

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I love the feature of wifi. If my wife is home I’ll have her fill up the container and plug it in while I’ll set it. Once water reaches desired temp I’ll text her to drop the food in.

I’m the gadget boy as she likes to remind me

Also, if we go out during the afternoon I’ll have the container filled with water and the ANOVA plugged in. I’ll set the preheat while on the way home. This saves the time needed for preheat.

Not that I have used it yet but I think IF there is a reason to cook at variable temps on a food this allows you freedom.

For example and I’m not sure this even makes sense let’s say you want to cook a brisket at 190 for 3 hours then at 150 for 30 hours. PERHAPS the higher heat will break down the fat more in the very beginning.

Also the wifi model is more powerful

You can start it and it will let you know when it reached the temp for cooking. You can automatically set it from the app to cook different recipes (time and temp). It will let you know when the food it’s ready (the other day I was at the supermarket and I got notified that food was ready). You can make changes to temp and time remotely. You can monitor remotely to see how long you have to go. The Ice bath function allows to put food in advance for later cooking if that’s what you are looking for. If you have Alexa or Google you can use to issue voice commands. I presume Siri will be coming in a future update. You don’t have to be baby sitting the unit and go about doing other stuff around the house or outside. I think all of these features make it more than worth it. Plus it has more power.


I can see the advantages - as others have explained, although I have yet to use it that way. In any case, I do find that using it around the house wifi coverage is better than bluetooth so on that basis alone I feel it is worthwhile.

Any info on when the Android version will be ready for beta testing?