Vacuuming liquids with the Chamber Vac

Got my Chamber Vac mostly for vacuum packing liquid ice cream mixes to cook sous vide.

The issue is I use a high speed blender to homogenize the mixes and that incorporates a bit of air. When I run it in the Chamber Vac, it starts drawing out the air, bubbles start to expand, seal doesn’t form and when the vacuum pops, half the bag explodes in the chamber (which is kinda tough to clean, it went everywhere).

My first mix did fine, but I guess the second mix had way more air inside it and it exploded (had this happen sometimes while working in a commercial kitchen too). Hopefully didn’t run it, liquid went under the electrodes for the heating strip.

What settings should I use to avoid this? Should I just run an infusion cycle or one of the other programmes? And then go for a full vacuum and seal? Any other tips are greatly appreciated.