Milk problem when Chamber Vacuuming

Ive been using the Sous vide everything Mash method. Great method (lose the cream cheese tho IMHO) but my issue is the milk. I add the cold fresh milk along with the potatoes and butter etc; I place it in the Chamber Vac and within seconds the milk is ‘boiling’ and frothing out of the bag before the vac has to finished its cycle.
Im thinking am I missing something obvious…in his videos he makes it often and no issues. Its driving me mad, thanks in advance.

What machine do you have? You need to turn down the vacuum or seal sooner.

it sounds like your pulling too much of a vacuum. If possible, you might try decreasing the vacuum you’re pulling. If there is no way to readily make that sort of adjustment, you might try contacting the manufacturer. Alternatively, you could try raising the edge your sealing, and increase the length of the bag you’re using, to give enough room for the boiling to occur before it seals.

Thanks for replying Brian.

By too much, do you mean too long in terms of time? Its set at the default Henklemen factory setting of 45 seconds. It starts to ‘boil’ at about 10-15 seconds…should I just start the seal as soon as I see bubbling start?

Its a Henkelan Jumbo 42…I don think I cn decrease the power just shorten the time.

You could do that. I’ve been going through the manual for the Jumbo 42. Section 5.5 will tell you how to adjust the program i.e. the vacuum strength/vacuum time.

Much obliged…I really ought to peruse it myself! Its a great piece of kit but I haven’t really changed any of the default settings