VAT and custom duties, when shipping to Germany?

Hi everyone,

I am a bit confused, since there now seems to exist two stores to buy the precision cooker, this (older) one, where the price still is 199 $, but the item ist sold out, and then the homepage where the spring sale says 149 €. (All WiFi model). Anyone knows why this is so?

Also, the display of VAT has changed. In the old store it would be preferrable to buy if you lived in Switzerland or Norway, in the newer offer it is the same price no matter where you live? 

Does anyone have experience of buying in the EU? Is it really so, that all the VAT is payed and reported to the customs? Normally that would mean, that for orders över 100 € (i think, at least that has always been so for me earlier), no further customs duties should be payed. I would just like to know if this is functioning, and that for me, living in Germany, 149 € would be the final price?

I wanted to ask this as a question, but it seems, I cannot change or edit my question?

Anyhow, from which country does Anova ship in Europe? Read something about the Netherlands? Would this mean that custom duties in no case applies when ordering to Holland?

By the way, the main question above of course applies to all EU countries.