VAT refund (tax free) in EU

Hi Anova,

Currently I’m in the Netherlands, and I’ve bought your precision cooker (can’t wait for the delivery already :).

Being not a EU national, I’m going to take it with me when I’ll leave. Would it be possible to receive a VAT refund from you in some way after that? (Usually online shops need scan of the custom-stamped receipt and a proof of residence outside of EU).


Hi @parnas,

We don’t have a particular VAT refund form, but we can give you an official invoice that you can show when you leave the country.

You can then, as per the instructions in the link you provided, send us back the stamped invoice, and our accounting team can take a look at it for you.

I hope that answers your question, you can private message me if you want to talk about your case in particular!


I got an invoice from Anova US, in US$ and no VAT i.e. no sales tax, making it a non domestic (non-Dutch) sale or better said “purchase”. I doubt you are entitled to a VAT refund from the DTA as the only link with the Netherlands is that you received it in the Netherlands from either the Asian or Netherlands warehouse but the seller is US.

@igor1963, you probably got an invoice in USD because you ordered from our US store ( or our international store (, and not the EU site (, which most people in the EU order from. So the majority of people will probably not see their invoices in USD.


I clicked the eu flag, so I guess it was your eu site. Because my email address was entered incorrectly, the invoice was re-issued by Anova and it is in US$. Maybe because it was re-issued, don’t know. To help out parnas, the easiest way is to check internally and let him know if you have an NL12345678B01 VAT number which is necessary to qualify as Dutch VAT entrepreneur. Based on my invoice, my purchase seems to be a distance sale, not a domestic sale.

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Okay good to know!

Igor, thank you for trying to help.

My invoice is in EUR, though, and states VAT as a separate line.