What happens when the timer goes off?

I just received the Wi-Fi model. What happens when the timer goes off?  Does the PC shut off or hold the food at a lower but safe temperature? If it just shuts off, then that may not be optimal.  The manual says that “we’ve built in food safety measures that will cook your food so that it’s safe to eat and deliciously cooked no matter when you decide to come home.”  Unfortunately, it didn’t state what food safety measures were built in.

Also, Kenji Lopez-Alt reviewed an earlier model and said that you could have the PC hold the food at a set temperature.  I didn’t see such a feature in the current app.  Any ideas?

The answer to this question is that after the timer expires, it maintains the set temperature but beeps 3 times every 5 seconds. If I set to a different temperature or a new cook time, it continues beeping.  I would expect the timer alert to turn off if the temperature or cook time was reset.  Is there anyway to turn off the beeping short of pulling the plug?

JUst hold the timer icon till it turns red and either put in a new time or no time.