What is best way to peel hardboiled in oven eggs

I like my eggs cooked at 212 f 100 % steam for 20 minutes. But so far peeling means 2 out of dozen are yolks only, 4 out of the dozen are missing a lot of white, and 6 are perfect. Any thought’s? Note: I have tried with fresh, old, organic, free range, and brown eggs. Same results!

Hi ya @malkfinger

Maybe same as peeling any hard boiled egg, ice water plunge for a minute?

The way I do hard boiled eggs is the Kenji Lopez Alt method. That is, get the water boiling first then load the eggs in a skimmer or strainer and lower them into the boiling water. I boil for 9 minutes then pour off the water and add cold water.

I’m not sure how you would adapt this method to steaming in a steam oven, but I can tell you that it makes a huge difference to the peelability of the eggs. I do about a dozen eggs every ten days this way, and the shells practically fall off. Before I started doing them this way, I would start my eggs in a pot of cold water and bring them to the boil. The peeling was usually pretty hit or miss and quite a few would be a mess.

Peel? …with a small teaspoon following the curvature of the eggs shape starting near the top where you cracked it.