When will new models be release?

I know the Nano was on pre-order but any word on the other two new models that were introduced at CES?


Hey @Erika_Sharp! Welcome to the community - I see it’s your first post in here.

We currently don’t have any updates for the Anova Precision Oven + the Anova Pro. No ETA on this. But a priority of mine is to make sure to update the community with any updates or news. Once I get new information - I will publish that here!

Read / inferred from the CES blurbs there is a update to the Wifi 900watt model coming. Any hints you can provide of the features being changed - e.g. immersion tolerance, min and max water depth – and hopefully a release timeframe?

@lima We don’t have any additional news or updates on our WI-FI models at this time!