Where is the Windows Phone App?

I get it, developing apps takes time. Anova is just now releasing the iOS app.

On to the android app. The kickstarter notification email said nothing about app development for Windows Phone, despite that being part of the kickstarter promise. Any time frame (that I can then double) for WP app dev? Seems like developing an app for W10 would allow users to control the precision cookers via their computers as well.

@Gypsybagelhands I’m so sorry, we haven’t forgotten you! Like the Android app, we plan to publish a more concrete schedule for the release once we have a clearer picture. Our development team is working on the build for the Android app as we speak so we will send out more details on both as soon as we’re able. Thank you!

Would it be possible to at least release the SDK so 3rd party developers could build something? Seems like healthy aftermarket support would do nothing but sell more units and would help to satisfy users of devices that aren’t a priority to you.

I’m in agreement with Gypsybagelhands. The major issue for me not buying a unit is there is no app on Windows Phone.

+1 for Windows (phone/universal/etc) app… Same situation as Wrea, but I bought one anyway and will just use the controls on the cooker itself for now.

I’m assuming that there still is not Windows Phone / Windows 10 / Windows Mobile 10 / Xbox type app for this yet, right?
I just got my Bluetooth version of the Anova and would like to program it from a device and have the recipe content mentioned in the iOS app.
But I actually would like to use it from a Windows Tablet or Phone.

Microsoft has provided tools to help port iOS apps and has been fairly successful with some apps (e.g. Candy Crush):

It would be nice to offer an app for the growing install base of Windows 10…

+1 as well, I only have Windows 10 Pcs and tablets and Windows Phone 10 devices. As soon as there’s an app available I’ll buy a PC right away.

Just in case it’s not clear, the app isn’t required to use the cooker. It’s just fun to be able to select a recipe and click “start cook”.

So, still no windows app?
According to microsoft you are missing out on over 1Billion windows 10 users.

still would be nice if there was a windows 10 app to keep track of the unit while it works… seriously

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its also nice to monitor conditions and get messages